Adventure Wyoming Mountains Engagement Session

Let me first off by saying that Kira and Wes are the cutest freaking humans EVER. (But seriously if you have a special moment you want to document please click here  to find out more about my services) This sweet day started off with frolicking around in a field of wildflowers.

K + W made their session with every bit of intention to spill their heart and love out.
For peeps getting married I highly recommend if you live in the northeast region of Wyoming to Take your photos in the mountains that surround it. The best time to do so is in June- July if you want some kick-ass greenery in your photos. This year since it has been so cold and wet the mountains were covered in these beautiful wildflowers of all different colors and sizes. There are so many different types of scenery you’re able to achieve in these mountains. The photo above and the two below are just in a field alongside the road before we go to the lake. As you can see the mountains are such a vast beautiful place to capture your love.

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Once we got to the lake at sper-o wigwam (a camp full of cabins great for a small wedding in the mountains) they had canoes that we were able to use.

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