Senior Photos at Calico Basin in Las Vegas, NV

Getting your dream senior photos done at a place you love is so important because want to love where you are getting your senior pics at. Calico Basin is amazing for seniors because it has a vast amount of places with all kinds of scenery to be photographed in.

Calico Basins Bridge-

The Bridge is great for photographs because it has the meadow and beautiful red rocks in the background.

The Calico Basin Meadow-

The Meadow is so versatile for photographing. You are able to get some out in the open with the red rocks in the background or you can walk towards the back of the meadow and get some pretty sick shots with lots of tall grass and greenery as well as trees surrounding you.

Calico Basins Meadow is also very pretty in the fall. It has some of the most gorgeous red and orange tones but also still has some green to it.

Calico Basins Dessert Meadow-

The dessert Meadow is Very Beautiful because it is full of cacti, Dirt, Rock, and gorgeous Red Rock mountain ranges in the background. This is my all-time favorite spot to photograph seniors.

Calico Basins Red Rocks-

The Red Rock Formations are also a great place for some of your senior pictures. They are a little bit of a walk so I do recommend that you bring some tennis shoes while we are walking up to them.

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