Las Vegas Dessert Inspired Senior photos in Kyle Canyon

Olivia Holwell Photography- Las Vegas-based West Coast Wedding & Senior photographer

I will travel to any of these states for your once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Check out some of these stunning Nevada senior photos in Kyle Canyon, Las Vegas, NV. Here to share all the fun deets about this awesome location for senior photos. If you are curious about my senior photography services please click here to begin your Las Vegas senior photography experience. I cannot wait to connect with all of you seniors.

Kyle Canyon has a vast set of backgrounds for you to get your photos done in. I would highly recommend this location if you love the desert. Kyle Canyon has Joshua Trees, Pretty blue mountains in the background, and a cool road leading up to the mountains. It is also one of my favorite spots when shooting in golden hour, for my peeps that don’t know what golden hour is it is 1-2 hours before sunset when the sunlight is a really vibrant yellow/orange color. That is also the best time to get photographs taken because it has the least amount of harsh lighting so you won’t get weird shadows on you.

This is the super cool road with the awesome scenery I was talking about earlier. I just love how the mountains turn blue at sunset.